A Wellness App From Pathway Genomics and IBM’s Watson Provides Precision Service

Pathway Genomics, considered a leader in innovative health care technology development, has raised a substantial amount of money from investors as of 2018. Founded by Jim Plante, this company seeks to continue improving genetic testing for various purposes and to help delay and defeat hereditary diseases. A variety of goals include providing a mobile app for personalized health and wellness tips. In this venture, the firm has teamed up with IBM and its supercomputer Watson.

About Watson

Watson includes a combination of artificial intelligence and analytical software, allowing the machine to effectively answer questions from users asked in a natural language. Although some individuals may think the name comes from the assistant of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, whose name is Dr. Watson. In truth, this supercomputer is named for the founder and first chief executive officer of IBM, Thomas J. Watson.

About the App

The app is called OME. It’s different from other mobile wellness apps in its level of precision and comprehensiveness. The database includes goals input by the user along with test results and health records, and even genetic information. The automatic messages from OME are intended to help the user gradually modify lifestyle to achieve more optimum health and wellness.

An Example

Genetic information can help with goals like weight loss, as certain gene variations can make different efforts more useful for different people. In one sense, it can be frustrating to learn that one’s genetics are partially to blame for difficulty losing weight. However, that knowledge also can be freeing. The person now knows it isn’t simply a lack of self-discipline or willpower. Losing weight will not be impossible, but the goal will require more dedication than the individual originally expected to be necessary.

Relevant Statistics

With 62 percent of U.S. residents weighing more than they should, the time is right for people to pay a great deal more attention to their health goals. A full 26 percent are obese, with a body mass index higher than 30. That data comes from Gallup and Healthways, and it should be alarming. Being overweight, especially at the obese level, is a risk factor for many chronic and serious diseases.