Austin Dentists

Some one once said, “Some people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.” But definitely not when they have a toothache! In this series, we learn about, dentists in Austin, their specialist areas and how to find them.

In the US, tooth decay is the second most prevalent disease after the common cold. If teeth are not cleaned properly, bacteria feed on food residue and sugar deposited on teeth, and produce acids. These acids affect the teeth by eating away the enamel coating on the teeth and cause holes called cavities. This results in tooth decay. Dentists help to prevent and treat oral health problems that are caused mainly due to tooth decay. They strive to keep people healthy and play a pivotal role in the world today.

The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery (the first dental school in the US) was opened in Baltimore, Maryland in 1840. According to The American Dental Association, the premiere professional organization of dentists, there are 160,000 licensed, practicing dentists in the United States. Ninety percent of these dentists are in private practice, and the remaining 10% work in military and civilian hospitals, dental schools, and public clinics. Nearly 20% of dentists are specialists including cosmetic, emergency, pediatric, implant and sedation dentists. They offer specialized services in addition to their basic role of helping people to take care of their oral hygiene.