Invisalign Braces. All You Need to Know about the Service

Is it possible to correct the teeth position in adulthood and do it imperceptibly from others so that no one could see the bracket system? Modern dentistry offers two solutions. The first one provides for installing lingual braces on the back side of the teeth. Another option involves using transparent personalized mouth guards called Invisalign.

All that is required from a patient is to constantly wear plastic aligners and occasionally visit an orthodontist to replace them with the new ones.    Thereby, you can bring your occlusion and smile to perfect condition.

Benefits of the Invisalign method

Invisalign braces have the following advantages:

  • Suitable for those who refuse point-blank to wear traditional braces, because of psychological fears, peculiarities of work or simple unwillingness to endure additional inconveniences;
  • Quick adjustment. All mouthguards are made individually for each patient. Therefore, they are placed as close as possible to the teeth and you do not feel them within 1-2 hours after installing.
  • High efficiency. Aligners distribute the load on the teeth, that is why such treatment takes less time than the method with the use of permanent braces.
  • Mobility. These mouthguards can always be removed, however, the more rarely you put them off, the faster you will see the desired results.

This method was developed in the USA, and the clinics that use it cooperate with “Invisalign technology”.

Treatment Stages

First of all, you need to be examined by a dental orthodontist, who ought to determine, whether the Invisalign treatment is possible in your case. Then a careful diagnostics of the oral cavity with the help of innovative techniques and a complete data collection must be provided. Patients are shown a detailed treatment plan with a corresponding price. Then you wear each set of aligners alternately undergoing necessary examinations to check the effect from time to time.

The physician’s instructions must be strictly followed. Any deviation from the treatment schedule can lead to the need for additional sets of aligners. Importantly, this technology is applied only after the formation of the jaw. Invisalign technology is not a panacea for all orthodontic problems yet an effective method to eliminate the most common dental anomalies.

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