Some Things About Dentists

Most people are afraid to go to a dentist in Irvine because they associate dentistry merely with the syringe and pliers. That is, they associate it with pain. But they do not realize that there are many oral benefits a dentist can give, and not just teeth extraction. To better understand this profession, one must know the different dental tools and dental services.

Common dental tools and their uses

(1) Dental mirrors- it is used to look at the back or side of the teeth; they also facilitates seeing the upper teeth and the hidden parts.

(2) Dental drills- used in drilling holes in decayed tooth before inserting dental filling; they come in different sizes and speed.

(3) Syringe- it is used to inject anesthesia in the gums to numb the nerves; so that the patient doesn’t feel pain during an operation.

(4) Forceps- they may look like the pliers used by electricians but are of different function: they are used to extract or remove a totally decayed tooth; specific forceps is used in a specific tooth.

(5) Cotton- this material is usually used to stop too much bleeding, but sometimes it