Simple Pointers About Dentist

Dentist get a bad reputation when patients talk badly about them to other patients. Before technology allows so many of us to have the ability to connect through the internet dentist reputation management was pretty much unheard of.

Sometimes a person would be guilty of slandering the dentist, and their clinic, to the point that in order to perform dentist reputation management the dentist would have to sue the person for slander. This was a very rare occurrence, and most of the time the dentist simply accepted that some people were not going to be happy, and were going to tell everyone about their unhappiness, even if there were nothing the dentist could have done differently.

Today dentist reputation management is possible, but you must be careful with how you apply dentist reputation management strategies so that it does not seem that you are challenging the patient, or their right to complain about services they were dissatisfied with.

1. Have a website that allows patients to review your services, your staff, your bedside manner, and their satisfaction with your skills. Encourage every patient to go to the website and leave a review. You will get more positive response than you do negative ones, and the positive reviews will help to overshadow the negative ones.

2. When you see that a patient is leaving negative reviews about the procedure they had then you have to try and speak to them about what made them unhappy. You must try to do what you can to please them, and the other people reading the reviews need to see where you offered to speak with the persona and try to make things right for them.

3. Never get into an online argument, or disagreement with a disgruntled patient. There are no winners in an online argument, and especially in an argument between a professional and an unhappy patient.

4. Stay calm, stay positive, and remember that the negative comments a person are saying may be due to their personality, or something else in their life. You may be the unlucky recipient of pent up anger they have towards something else.

5. Join forums that discuss things you are knowledgeable in and add comments to these forums frequently.

6. Start a social networking page on Facebook, MySpace, and twitter. Keep your social network pages positive, informational, and inspirational.

7. Be active in your community by supporting local charities, ball teams, and the special interest groups of your community.

8. Open your offices once a year and provide “lower cost” dental check-ups or even free check-ups to people who do not have dental insurance.

9. Participate in Holidays by decorating your offices, and being seen in town at the holiday gatherings.

10. Take out ads in local papers, or provide local reporters with informational articles that will help people to take better care of their teeth.

11. Volunteer at local nursing homes, and schools. When you volunteer you improve the way people think of you while you make things better for someone else.