Why Are Dentists Noticing a Gap That’s Widening

When was the last time you visited the dentist? London dentists have been noticing a real increase in the number of people who have been going for treatment, but interestingly it seems that the growth is in those looking for a cosmetic dentist In London rather than for just a regular check-up.

In other words, the data seems to be suggesting that there’s a gap, and it’s getting wider. No, that isn’t just the kind of gap people can whistle through, but the kind that separates two distinct types of mouths. On the one hand there are those who are afraid of visiting a dentist, and then there are those who are visiting a cosmetic dentist in London for a range of new treatments designed to give their teeth, and smile, a winning edge.

Tooth decay and gum disease is still very much in evidence, and people are suffering all manner of tooth related problems rather than visiting a dentist to have the problem sorted out. Why is this?

The answer isn’t quite as simple as providing one single answer, because there are a range of factors at play. One possible answer could be the trouble many people have had finding an NHS dentist, although with private health care and private dentists offering a range of very affordable treatments this can’t count for the significant gap that’s appearing between the smilers and the grimacers.

A second factor that could be having an effect is that people are afraid of the treatments. Many adults today have uncomfortable feelings about dentists based on childhood fears, perhaps of braces or teeth being pulled, or just picking up on parents’ fears.

Although apparently a rational reason, it isn’t really fair to say that this is justified today, because a lot has changed in terms of visiting the dentist. London dentists have been able to offer a range of new treatments using new technology, new practices and even a new ethos as far as placing the patient at the centre of the treatment, rather than just their mouths.

Offering comforting, reassuring surroundings, a more caring attitude and treatments which do not have to be painful, uncomfortable or worrying in any way, some cosmetic dentists in London now have special 3d imaging that allows both the dentist and the patient to explore the patient’s teeth in virtual reality, on a screen.

The gap that’s widening seems likely to be caused by a general misunderstanding on the part of those who have long avoided seeing a dentist. London dentists it seems have more of a marketing challenge than a medical one.